Run a coffee fundraiser

We run your online store, roast, and send out your branded coffee. You just promote it.

💰 Recurring Cash Flow

💰  Zero Upfront Costs

💰 Transparent Revenue Share

🚫 No Store 

🚫 No Inventory

🚫 No Plastic

💰 Consistent Recurring Cash Flow

💰  Zero Upfront Costs

💰 Transparent Revenue Share

🚫 No inventory

🚫 No Plastic

🚫 No Customer Service

100% of your supporters buy coffee that doesn’t help fund your mission. Let’s fix that..


How it Works

You Sign Up

Once registered, you’ll receive a custom landing page designed for you. This page is your main gateway to introduce and promote the monthly coffee subscription to your audience.

You Promote Coffee

Share your custom landing page on social media, newsletters, and other channels to inform your community about this unique coffee subscription opportunity.

We Roast, Pack & Ship

As your supporters subscribe, you don’t have to worry about the details. We handle everything from A to Z. This encompasses payment processing, subscription management, top-notch customer service, and ensuring that every supporter receives their coffee on time every month.

We Sent You Money

Every three months, we’ll send you a financial contribution based on your supporters’ total number of active coffee subscriptions. This system ensures a steady and dependable stream of funds.


Is this an affiliate program?
No. Unlike affiliate programs, the coffee sent to your members has your logo. And you make money every month the member is subscribed, not just a percentage on the initial signup. 

Start a Fundraiser

After you submit your application, you’ll schedule a call with a member of our team. These calls are about 10 minutes and very casual. We want to make sure the program is the best fit for you!